From data to documents

Import data to documents

#1 Save time for things that matter

Automate high volume low-risk contracts.

An average office worker uses 45% of their work time searching and moving information between services. We connect 3 services to import the data automatically. Need more integrations – no problem – we can help.

#2 Contracts with your own tools

If you love Google docs, this is the service for you. You can use your own Google documents as templates. Ready documents appear on your drive. There is no coding required.

#3 Stop switching between services

We automatically retrieve your data from the services you use and place it on the documents you want to create. Want to make final edits and get it signed? No problem the service lets you edit the documents and get them electronically signed.

#4 Never lose a document

We make sure you can find the documents you have created.

#5 Get templates

Need a contract template for employment or shareholders agreement? We offer hundreds of contract templates that may fit your needs. The best thing about our templates: The service can fill in your existing data automatically into them.

#6 Know how well you are doing

Compare your company’s legal compliance to top companies and find what you could do better. Whether you are looking to sell your company or need assurance that you are on a right track, our due diligence lists help you figure out how you are doing.

#7 Collaborate with your team

Delegate work and follow how well your team is doing. Audit trails show who accessed information, created or made changes to documents.

#8 Make fewer errors

We have all been seen wrong names in contracts or outdated templates used by HR or sales managers. Using a common set of clean templates help you to reduce the errors made by humans.

#9 Export documents to other services

Need to deliver documents to a project management service, an external auditor, or to a virtual data room? Our metadata helps to share documents to services and to set up virtual data rooms with ease.

#10 Safe

The service uses your Google Drive to store the documents and template. Your data is stored in a safe audited European data center.

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